List of Library Books

On the occasion of Dr. Maria Montessori’s birthday 31st August, the Association announced the opening of a lending library in August 2008. The library will stock books by Dr. Montessori and other educationists. Books may be borrowed and returned by members at the monthly PMA meetings.

Book list PMA Library:

The Secret of Childhood
The Absorbent Mind
Lectures – 7th Indian Montessori training course
The Discovery of Child
The Child in the Family
The Essential Montessori
Who Will Listen by Clark Mousakas
You and Your Child by Winifred de Kerk
The Roots of Love (1) by Helene S Arnstein
The Child Society and the World
Sharing Nature with Children by Joseph Cornell
An Introduction to The Child’s conception of Geometry by GET Halloway
Life and Work of Maria Montessori by EM Standing
Raging to be free poems of Atiya Dawood
Maria Montessori by Michael Pollard
The Light within – Story of Maria Montessori by Norah Smaridge
The Montessori Method (PB) Introduction by MCV Hunt
The Magic Years by Selma H Fraiberg
The Family and Individual Development by DW Winnicott HB
The Advanced Montessori Method Volume one
The Advanced Montessori Method Volume two
Understanding The Human Being by Silvana Montenaro
Child Education MM
Towards Healthy Humanity by AM Joosten
Dr. Montessori’s own Handbook – Introduction by Nancy Rosebuck
Education and peace HB
To Educate the Human Potential MM
The Formation of Man
Any Child Can Write by Harvey S Wieier
Nurturing The Spirit by Aline D Wolf
How Children Develop by Faculty University School
Writing and Writing patterns by Marion Richardson
The Montessori Method Principles, results, practical Requim – Booklet
To Educate the Human Potential
Education for a New World MM
What You Should Know about your Child MM
From Childhood to Adolescence